Ordering Procedure

When you place an order for TOGETHER WE LAUNCH you are confirming you would like to purchase a Mastermind experience that includes the following:

  • A weekly one-hour group call for four months.
  • A Facebook Group where you can connect with everyone in the group, and have a place of support with Alex and your mastermind buddies.

*Together We Launch Mastermind will be a group of a maximum of 30 people.

We reserve the right to decline or cancel your order, or any part of your order at any time.


There are two options when paying.

1.Payment in full -  Where payment must be received in full before you receive coaching.

2. Monthly Payment Plan - Payment must be made in 4 monthly installments from the first day of purchasing. By agreeing to pay in installments you are guaranteeing you will pay the FULL AMOUNT by the end of the 4 month term. If, for any reason a payment is not received, you will immediately be removed from the mastermind and will not get access to any past or future assets until full payment is received. We are not responsible if applicants miss out on the live element of the mastermind due to late payment.

Refund Policy

Payment is non refundable & non transferable.


All assets will become available by the start date; occasionally, unknown or technical reasons may result in a delay to customers being able to get assets. In this case, know that everything promised above *will* ultimately be delivered. Beadon International LLC will make all reasonable endeavors to resolve any technical or unknown issues as quickly as possible.

Prices quoted on the site are inclusive of VAT and represent the price that will be charged to the registered user’s credit or debit card at point of sale.


Subscribers are solely responsible for ensuring that they have sufficient and compatible hardware, software, telecommunications equipment and internet service necessary for all group calls.

For More Information

Alex Beadon is always looking for ways to improve her programs, and welcomes any feedback. If you would like to provide feedback or file a complaint, please email contact@alexbeadon.com. Grievances are taken very seriously and will be addressed in a timely and thoughtful manner. Contact@alexbeadon.com is the only place where questions, comments, or concerns should be directed as we cannot promise answers when sent somewhere else.

General Conditions

All items purchased are for the sole use of the registered user or subscriber (individual or organizational) as the case may be, and are for private and domestic use only. The registered user undertakes not to copy, distribute, share or otherwise broadcast any items purchased from Beadon International LLC.

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